Helps Students Track Their Skills and Experience

Skillsbook: An RTO Database Management Software That Helps Students Track Their Skills and Experience

Throughout life, we gain skills and learn lots of new things. This statement applies in particular if you are exploring VET accredited training through a local registered training organisation. Whether you are working towards a competency certification or searching for your career path by sampling courses from a variety of different competencies, you are gaining new skills every day through an RTO. The question is this: how can you keep track of those skills and competencies for the long-term?

Introducing Skillsbook

The answer to that question can be found when you switch to Skillsbook. An RTO database software, Skillsbook allows students to build a profile of the skills they have learned (or are learning) in their RTO or other VET approved courses. This student database management capability is particularly valuable for students who, as mentioned previously, are 'sampling' different RTO courses to find their passion.

Through Skillsbook, you can build an ongoing profile or 'bank account' of your skills. Skillsbook is a cloud-based service, which means that this skills bank is portable so you can view it anytime, from anywhere. Whether you are building a resume or trying to decide what course or competency to tackle next in your RTO training, having a database where you can view all of your skills in one place is always useful. Through the Skillsbook student database software, you can see how your skills best match with particular jobs or further training opportunities.

If you have skills from before you began pursuing vocational training—perhaps from years of on-the-job experience—the Skillsbook RTO student database software can help once again. Add employment history and job skills to your Skillsbook student database, and use that information to help get those skills formally verified. This verification process is called recognition of prior learning, or RPL.

Per the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), recognition of prior learning is defined as 'an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual's relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit outcomes of an individual application for credit.' In other words, having concrete evidence of your skills and RTO competencies is vital for making sure that you can become accredited for those skills and subsequently move into the workforce. Skillsbook's RTO database software provides you with the concrete evidence you need.

A Reliable RTO Student Database Software

How can you know that Skillsbook is a trustworthy entity when it comes to maintaining student information databases? Consider that our software has been around since 1992 2009 and is widely used by Australian RTOs—not just for managing student skill databases, but also for managing RTO training and assessment processes in general. Also, consider that we currently manage the online recognition and assessment (RPL) services for many private and public RTOs throughout the country. You can trust that our student database management software has been proven time and time again by major clients.

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