RTO Management Software for a Fully Integrated Business

RTO Management Software by Skillsbook – Exceptional Services for a Fully Integrated Business

As the manager of an RTO, it’s important to be able to trust the software acting as the gatekeeper of your business data and information. Keeping track of students and employees using our fully integrated (not added on) RTO management software. Having the option to access data on the run is a unique advantage that will place you ahead of your competitors. For example, you and your staff will be able to access the Skillsbook RTO from anywhere on the globe. This is helpful if you aren’t always working from the office and need to access the RTO Management system from home or another site. Being portable is easy as long as you have an internet connection, your entire team is ready to go.

Imagine knowing that your entire staff has access with the click of a button – students, managers, trainers and employees - will be able to access the RTO management database from virtually anywhere. Your managers can check schedules and accreditations and process applicants while trainers can verify action items, class attendance and core competencies. Meanwhile, the employees and trainees will be able to manage their progress, view their work and even download and save their work assignments. This cohesive system of management services makes it easy for communication across the board.

Looking for Convenience and Reliability? It’s time for the RTO Management System from Skillsbook

Top notch companies know that being organised can ease work stress for managers and employees and catapult businesses into success. The convenience and reliability that comes with an RTO management system can save you time and money. The Skillsbook software increases the efficiency of your precious resources by saving time and comprising all of the national VET training in one place.

The RTO management system is beneficial for students as well. Skillsbook will illustrate with which industry qualifications your specific skills optimally align. Using our unique database that includes almost every skill used in the Australian workplace, the Skillsbook system will automatically match your skills to every qualification and show you which ones best ‘fit' your skill portfolio. It might be time to upgrade your qualifications or have your skills formally evaluated.

RTO Management Services – Transforming Data Storage for Businesses

The advantages of the Skillsbook RTO management services are many. Companies who want to have compliance built into their RTO software know that having a portable cloud-based system increases productivity and provides an efficient use of company resources. Our system allows you to maintain your business's positions and encourages communication across the enterprise. Having RTO management software that takes into account all industry standards and compliance protocol makes it simple to stay in compliance and fully connected to changing conditions.

Some of our satisfied customers include Ergon Energy, who uses have used our services for assistance to manage their staffs' capabilities and talent. Local government associations, utilise our services to maintain a complete library of position descriptions and organise over 100 occupations. We also work with universities who use our mobile platform to secure apprentice training information. Our work with the manufacturing and processing industries has proven useful to allow these companies to manage their manpower skillset.

Contact us on 1300 559 422 or email us: info@skillsbook.com.au for more information about how to get started with RTO management software for your company.