Benefits of Online RPL Assessment Software

Understanding the Benefits of Online RPL Assessment Software

Perhaps you didn't pursue university or vocational training and just got a job immediately. Or maybe you took an apprenticeship with a professional in your chosen field. In either case, you very likely have a laundry list of skills that could help you get ahead in education or leap up the ladder towards a better, higher-paying job. The only problem is that the skills you have were learned informally, which means that you don't have a degree or professional certification to prove them to prospective educators or employers.

About Recognition of Prior Learning

Both of the scenarios described above show the pressing need and overwhelming value of Australia's recognition of prior learning (or RPL) programprocess. Many of the most vital skills you will learn in life will be learned on the job. This kind of practical, hands-on experience is in many cases precisely what employers want, but many of them also want formal recognition of those skills. The RPL program process makes it possible to have both, by allowing experienced workers to have their practical skills verified in the same way a university graduate would have his or her skills assessed and verified.

With Skillsbook, an innovative RPL assessment tool registered training organisations throughout Australia can quickly and efficiently determine whether or not a prospective student's professional skills or informal training should be formally verified and accredited. For RTOs, the benefits of this software are considerable. With our RPL software, organisations can make sure they are compliant with training package requirements when crediting students for practical experience. The Skillsbook RPL assessment feature is fully automated and is 35 times faster and more efficient than other processes for formally verifying professional skills.

What RPL Software Does for Students Like You

For students, meanwhile, the benefits of the Skillsbook RPL assessment tool are even more pronounced. In many cases, practically skilled people have the experience and ability to perform jobs that are normally reserved for those with more formal qualifications. An RPL system places value on skills gained from work or throughout life and gives them the same official worth as classroom experience. Formal verification, in turn, gives these professionals better access to higher paying jobs.

Often, people who have practical skills are interested in pursuing formal education or vocational training to make themselves into more competitive applicants. However, the thought of having to waste time and money learning skills they already know pushes many would-be students away from formal education. When you've already spent five years mastering a skill in the workplace, why should you have to take courses just to get a piece of paper saying you mastered the skill?

By enrolling in an RTO that uses Skillsbook's RPL online system, you will be able to gain recognition for the skills and knowledge you already have. In turn, you can avoid taking courses that don't advance your skills in any way, save money and accelerate your path towards certification and better employment.

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