Build RTO Assessments with Online Student Assessment Software

Build RTO Assessments for Every Unit of Competency, with the Skillsbook Online Student Assessment Software

The Australian Skills and Qualifications Authority (or ASQA) defines assessment as 'the process of collecting evidence and making judgments on whether competency has been achieved, to confirm that an individual can perform to the standard required in the workplace.' Per ASQA standards, registered training organisations must include assessments as part of their VET accredited courses.

Unfortunately, evaluations are scrutinised under the same compliance standards as every other facet of RTO operation. Especially for newly established RTO businesses, developing a consistent and compliant assessment system across all units of competency is no small task. The daunting, sprawling nature of ASQA requirements is part of the reason RTOs often focus on a handful of specific subjects and skills, rather than offering comprehensive competency training.

Create a More Versatile RTO, with the Skillsbook Assessment Software

If your RTO wants to offer a more versatile range of competencies, but you are worried about designing compliant and relevant assessments for each, you might be interested in giving Skillsbook a try. Skillsbook is, among other things, a student assessment software. This cloud-based program makes it easy for registered training organisation to build assessments for all competency units. Using Skillsbook, your team will be better equipped to gather evidence for assessment—such as tasks at work, quizzes and documentary evidence—all through the Skillsbook assessment portal. The portal makes it possible for students to complete their assessments online.

Part of the beauty of using Skillsbook as your RTO's online assessment software is that it does a lot of your work for you. Skillsbook, a software service created by Explain IT Pty Ltd back in 19922009, was built specifically with VET accredited organisations in mind. As a result, in addition to providing a place to host RTO assessments online, Skillsbook also comes with the innate knowledge of a development team that understood the struggles and demands of running an RTO. The software—which is used in RTOs to manage both training and assessment—already contains every unit of competency from every training package.

With so much essential information, registered training organisations like yours won't have to work as hard to develop quality courses or assessments across a variety of different competencies. In short, by investing in the Skillsbook assessment software, your RTO will have the resources it needs to become a more versatile, well-rounded provider of vocational and educational training.

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Are you interested in learning more about what the Skillsbook student assessment software can do for your registered training organisation? If so, we hope you will give us a call today to discuss our products and the future of your business. RTO assessments are important because they map out competency requirements and show whether or not students are ready for the demands of the workplace. With Skillsbook, your RTO can provide better, more compliant assessments without a huge amount of extra work.

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