Skillsbook® is an all-in-one, online solution for
recording skills, training, workplace education and course assessments

Design and Deliver Courses, Online

Our online course designer is simple and intuitive to use. It’s compliant with national standards, and even lets you validate your course offering against national training package rules. You can set up courses for RPL candidates, develop online quizzes and questionnaires and build workplace tasks for students to record workplace activity - all of which can be mapped back to individual units of competency. Publishing your course is quick, and viewing your students’ progress can be done as soon as they are enrolled.

  • Course designer that's easy and intuitive to use

  • Deliver training and RPL services online

  • Validate your design against the national packaging rules

  • Enrol students and monitor their progress

  • Build workplace tasks to validate competency progress

Manage Staff and Professional Development

Our services can be used to build and manage position profiles and manage staff skills against these requirements. The system is scalable and portable and provides a range of tools to conduct training needs and gap analysis, manage licenses and other compliance requirements.

  • Use the wizard to build competency based position descriptions

  • Identify and manage professional development opportunities

  • Develop training plans and manage a training calendar

  • Connect your workforce skill requirements to training providers

Maintain Vocational Currency

Trainers and assessors can manage their vocational training currency online. Upload documents and other evidence against units of competency to demonstrate currency and record professional development activities. A visual progress bar provides an at a glance view of currency and gaps. Two way communication allows a trainer to send reports to RTOs, or in reverse for RTOs to manage the currency of their assessor workforce through a dashboard.

  • Manage training and vocational currency for any unit of competency

  • Compliant with NVR clauses 1.13 – 1.16

  • Flexible - for individual trainers and assessors

  • Simple to use – everything in one place

Individual Skills-Profile Accounts

Individual accounts are free and should be used by anyone looking to better their future through skills. Individual accounts can be linked to other services such as a training organisation delivering a course, to an employer managing their employee skills or associations requiring a record of continuing professional development. Skillsbook lets you take control of your future through skills.

  • Build and manage your resume

  • Explore your skills and career options

  • Store certificates and qualifications

  • Manage licenses and expiry dates

  • Connect with training providers to undertake training or RPL